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Why Every Home Needs a Wireless Controller for their Tankless Water Heater

Why Every Home Needs a Wireless Controller for their Tankless Water Heater

Imagine having full control over your water heating system. Now, think about being able to monitor your tankless water heater when you’re already soaking in the tub and the water isn’t warm enough. Picture yourself being able to access your water heater from your smartphone. All of this sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s no need to continue dreaming of these capabilities. With the constantly evolving technology, having a Rinnai wireless controller for your tankless water heater is possible. You can have full control of your water heater at your fingertips. The benefits are even more incredible. Here are some ways you can turn up the heat, set a schedule or access your tankless water heater without being anywhere near it.

Convenience and efficiency are at your fingertips with a wireless controller.

Turn on Tankless Water Heater with WiFi

We got you at WiFi, didn’t we? Everyone loves being able to access their tankless water heater right from their phone. The Rinnai wireless controller WiFi Module allows you to Rinnai, tankless water heater, wireless controller, WiFicontrol your water heater from Apple and Android devices. So, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can turn up the heat with WiFi. 

Turn on Water Heater with a Push of a Button

There’s a common misconception that you have to go to your tankless water heater in order to turn it on. However, with the affordable push buttons you can turn your Rinnai system on wherever there’s a button.

The Control R Push Buttons are perfect for placing around the kitchen faucet or in the bathroom. However, you need the WiFi module in order to use this wireless controller. So, if you happen to need the water on and aren’t near your water heater, have no fear. This WiFi button is near. 

Turn on Water Heater with Movement

If you’re not blown away by the wireless controller capabilities, that’s all about to change right now. Instead of pushing a button or accessing your Rinnai water heater via WiFi, you can make a movement. The Control R Motion Sensor starts heating your tankless water heater as soon as it picks up on a full-body motion, such as you walking into the bathroom door or turning on a faucet. So, it’s a great accessory to have near the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. However, you will need the WiFi module to use this amazing device.

Control your Tankless Water Heater from Another Room

If buttons and motion sensors aren’t for you, the Rinnai remote temperature wireless controller certainly is. This device allows you to control your water heater from anotherRinnai, tankless water heater, wireless controller, WiFi room. As such, it’s ideal for both residential and commercial use and the convenience is amazing.

Adjust Recirculation Schedule from Another Location

You can do more than simply adjusting the temperature of your tankless water heater with a Rinnai wireless controller. The Digital Recirculation Controller allows you to adjust the temperature and set a schedule for the on-demand water heater to turn on.  You can set priorities and change functions as needed, and it really is the perfect piece of convenience.

Technology has welcomed many amazing things into the world, and having a wireless controller for your water heater is certainly at the top of the list. Get your Rinnai water heater wireless controller today at Big Frog Supply and start reaping the benefits right away.


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