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Sump Pumps - How to research what to buy and install

Sump Pumps - How to research what to buy and install

 Sump pumps - Water in a house is much like the seasonal flu. It's annoying, unwanted and never invited! Water tends to have the same effect on our homes. It goes where it is not invited or wanted (storage rooms, basements, bathrooms, etc). Some of the main invitees for this unwanted water are rain storms, floods, poor drainage or back ups, and sewage issues. Once the water ends up in these places, how do you get rid of it? 
Sump pumps.

Liberty Pump Sump Pump

 So what exactly is a sump pump and what does it do? How long is a typical life cycle for one of these pumps? What kind of sump pump should you buy? Is an alarm needed with my sump pump? How much does a typical sump pump cost/installation cost? What is a grinder? We hope to bring some of these answers to your forefront before you decide which sump pump is best for you and your needs.

 What is a sump pump and what does it do?

A sump pump has two main functions. One, is to pump or remove water from a basin of water in your basement whether it is due to a flood or if your home’s foundation is below the water table.

The second function is to connect your sewage line to the main waste line in your neighborhood.

So whether you live in the East Coast where hurricanes and floods are prevalent or in Arizona where it is extremely dry you are in need of a sump pump.

 How long is a typical life cycle of a sump pump?


The average life cycle of a sump pump is about 10 years. It may be shorter if you purchase a submersible sump pump, due to the fact that it will be under water for much of the time compared to that of a pedestal sump pump.

Liberty Pump SJ10A Alarm What kind of pump should you buy?

As stated above there are two types of sump pumps. Pedestal and Submersible. Pedestal is a pump that is rarely if ever under water. These pumps are used when your sump pump pit is either in a tight or very small place. These are slowly becoming less popular, because Submersible pumps are becoming the norm.

Alarms for pumps are big selling point to modern pumps. They sound an alarm when the pump is going to turn on which let's you know it's working.

Submersible pumps are pumps that are constantly under water and need a larger space to operate. These pumps are more quiet due to the fact that they are constantly under water, and they are more powerful with a horse power of ½-1 HP. They may be bigger and a bit more expensive than Pedestal pumps but they are usually the better pump to buy for your home.

Is an alarm needed with your sump pump? Liberty Pump Alarm ALM-2WAn alarm is not needed per se for your sump pump, but it is highly recommended! Not only because it can save your basement, but a $120 can end up saving you thousands. A sump pump alarm is a lot like a fire alarm. It lets you know when there is a possibility of something damaging about to happen, much like a flood. So you can spend $120 for an alarm or you can buy a pump with an alarm connected to it. This is what we would recommend, ALM-2W

How much does a sump pump cost/installation cost? 

A sump pump can cost anywhere from $130-$500 with an installation fee totaling $600-$1,300 depending on your contractor. The bigger your sump pump the more expensive it is going to be. Typically a pedestal pump will be cheaper for you to buy, because it is not as big nor powerful. But as we discussed before submersible pumps are what more home owners are going to now a days.

Sump Pump Grinder

I don't feel as if my words could do this wonderful device justice. So feel free to watch 20 seconds of this video that explains what a grinder is. Want to browse the grinder pumps? Click Here



Every home owner has a distinct set of needs that they have. Whether you choose to go with a pedestal or submersible pump, you'll find that either will work for your needs. If you need one, I strongly recommend you browse our website or call us: 855-424-4376.

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